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Anaconda 120mg is a medication or tablet that treats erectile dysfunction or erectile problem in men.This product{anaconda 120mg} contains 120mg of sildenafil citrate.Sildenafile citrate is a compound that treats impotence { erectile dyssfunctions}. It commonly comes in a package of five tablets. These tablets are reddish in color in most forms, though some pharmaceuticals may produce them in different forms. Impotence is the ability of the penis not to get hard or get ready for sexual activity when need be. Anaconda 120mg increases the blood flow into the veins and arteries of the penis during sexual anxiety or stimulation. This increase in blood flow makes the penis get harder and ready for sexual activity or penetration. This drug {anaconda } is an alternative to many other drugs like Viagra and Cialis which have similar functions in our body.

This medicine is for men and women. It is made for people above 18 years of age or adults. Scientific studies showed that women that consume sildenafil nitrate{ main, component of anaconda 120mg} have an increase in the blood flow in their general organ especially the clitoris which make the women more anxious or clinging to sexual activity. This increases the anxiety of ladies to have sex.


Anaconda 120mg have as main active ingredient sildanafil citrate 120mg .Though there are other inactive ingredients, the main derivative is sildenafil citrate. This sildenafil citrate contains phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitor enzymes. This enzyme helps to increase blood flow in the tissue of the penis to make it get a good erection and a harder one.


Anaconda 120 mg is a drug that helps us enhance or treat our importance. Sildenafil citrate in this drug helps ladies increase their libido by increasing the blood to their clitoris and making them anxious for sex. Anaconda 120mg helps men get the perfect erection for a good penetration during sexual activity. This medication is one of the best in the market for the remedy of impotence and erection problems because of its few or no side effects and the little time it takes to be effective. You only need a maximum of 30 minutes after taking it to see the positive effects on your body or your sexual organ.

Anaconda 120 is a rescue and has saved many marriages ad relationships for men who for various reasons can not have a way necessary for sexual intercourse.



Take anaconda 120mg at least thirty minutes before sexual activity. This will permit your body or the drug to react thus making enough blood flow into the vessels of the penis and making it get hard. The harder the penis, the better it is for a good sexual activity. Your genital organ can stay harder for almost 4 to 5 hours maximum. This is the time the drug {anaconda 120mg } has effects on you. Anaconda 120mg is most effective in the first two hours after taking it. After two hours, the intensity will reduce and will have very little or no effect again after four or five hours.


For the proper function of anaconda 120mg, avoid taking it with alcohol. Especially when you are about to take this drug. Do not drink alcoholic drinks because it will reduce the efficiency of the medication and you may not have the result you expect. Also, avoid fatty food before consuming this medication because fats do not help the drug to give you the correction necessary for sexual activity. Many medications or drugs do not do a good combination with alcohol. Alcohol may weekend the drug or make the absorption and diffusion into the vessels very slow. The best way to take drugs is with pure and clean water. We also advise drinking a lot of water when taking any drug or medicine.


Anaconda 120 mg has very little or no effect in most cases. It is considered very safe. However, some people may experience headaches when they take this drug. This light headache is due to the much blood flow in the penis. To remedy this uncomfort, take a glass of water and everything will come to normal.

You may notice some serious health problems related to this drug like nausea, vomiting, and others. In this case, stop taking it and contact your doctor immediately. However, over 95% of people do not witness any effect on taking sildigra 120mg. If you are allergic to this drug or sildenafil, do not take it.



Anaconda 120 is safe to take if you are taking antibiotics against viruses or bacteria you have an infection. We always advise following the prescription or the dose strictly especially if you are under a medical treatment other than anaconda 120mg. In case you have to combine anaconda 120 with any other drug, it is better to inform your doctor or pharmacist before taking it .


Anaconda 120 and Cialis are quite similar in the fact that they both treat impotence and erectile problem. The main difference between them is the duration of the effects of the drug. Anaconda has effect for a maximum of five hours while Cialis can last for up to thirty-five hours or more. Also, a few minutes after you take anaconda 120 you feel the effect on your sexual organ while Cialis may take a little longer for you to start feeling the effects of the drug. Cialis comes in many capsules in a container while anaconda 120 comes as five tables in a package.


If you have chronic diseases or suffering from heart disease or hypertension, please ask your doctor before taking this drug. Keep out of reach of children. This medicine {anaconda 120} is for adults only .store this product between a temperature of 15 degrees and 30 degrees celsius. Do not mix it with other drugs that contain sildenafil like viagra or Cialis. This can lead to an overdose and cause serious health problems. If you don’t get hard enough as you expect after taking the normal dose, do not add the dose. Contact your doctor or pharmacist and explain what happening to you if you feel any effects apart from getting an erection. Any inconvenience related to this drug, contact your doctor immediately { except for little headaches which will necessitate a glass of water to be normal }. Do not store this medicine in rain or water. Make sure you keep it out of the sun’s rays. Be sure you will have sexual activity in less than four hours before taking anaconda 120.

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