Artrifin vitaminado is a medicine that treats pains, swellings {inflamations}, rheumatism, analgesic and neurotic problems, sciatica, arthritis, neuralgia, problems around the joints, etc. When you take artrifin vitaminado, it gives your body the correct quantity or the necessary dose an optimal reparation of your joints that has been damaged, and also for the maintenance and formation of strong, powerful, and healthy tendons. This makes you also reduce the risk of further damaging your tendons and joints. This medicine { artrifin vitaminado} is so important because of its active ingredients. There is chondroitin and glucosamine which are two important elements in artrifin that have proven their efficiency in the treatment of injuries and pains around the tendons and joints. These elements or components also treat osteoarthritis, and normal arthritis and also permit the growth and regeneration of the cartilage that was damaged.


Artrifin vitaminado is in form of tablets in most cases. Though some pharmacies may have it in different forms, however, it is very common in form of tablets. You will see in the box about twenty {20} packets of four{4} tablets or pills that will make a total of eight {80} pills or tablets in one box.

Another use of artrifin is that when you take it you do not run a risk of becoming dependent on the drug or having side effects on taking it for a long time due to dependence if you want to take it for longer most often. Also, it is very useful in maintaining the correct amount of synovial fluids and reducing swellings in our joints thus making movement or mobility of the joints correctly.


Artrifin vitaminado  is composed of various types of ingredients both active or main and inactive. Each tablet or capsule of artrifin contains vitamin B1, vitamin B12, and vitamin B6. It also has glucosamine sulfate and chondroitin. Glucosamine is a crystalline element or compound that is found mostly in or around the connective tissue. Its presence helps to remedy or treats pains in the joints. Chondroitin is a mucopolysaccharide compound that makes up the major constituents or composition of the cartilage also with other connective tissues. This element{chondroitin} is important because it keeps or maintains cartilage health. Chondroitin does this by absorbing the liquid or fluid, especially water in and around the connective tissues. It also works by preventing enzymes that destroy the cartilage. Vitamin B1, vitamin B6, and vitamin B12 help in metabolism or convert food into energy the body needs. It is also important for the nervous system of the body.


This medicine {artrifin vitaminado } has some effects that you may witness or feel when you take them. The effect may be due to an overdose or you may allergic to the product. Some of the effects are; nausea, stomach ache, headache, severe pains, dizziness, etc. The effects vary depending on the individual taking the product. Often these signs should go off within a few hours or a maximum of one day. If this persists, stop taking the medicine and contact your doctor or pharmacists. Nevertheless, these effects occur in very rare cases.

We advise contacting your doctor if you feel any discomfort related to the drug. from your health history and pathology you have, he may modify your dose or even change the medication and prescribe an alternative.


This medicine is made for adolescents { children above 12 years} and adults. for children below 12 years, it is strictly under the prescription of a medical doctor.

For children above 12 years and adults, take one tablet or capsule daily. The dose may go up to three times daily, that is one tablet after every eight hours. The dose varies from one tablet to three depending on the severity or gravity of the illness or discomfort. Artrifin vitaminado is taken orally with clean water and before or after a meal. Do not take it with alcoholic drinks. It may affect the efficiency of the drug. Do this exercise daily until you notice the pains have disappeared then you can stop taking the drug.


Difficulty in mobility, constant swelling of the joints, and illnesses such as osteoarthritis are natural circumstances that occur in our bodies. These conditions do occur due to lack of sports, poor feeding {malnutrition}, aging, and hard manual work. The swelling { inflamation} and the pains around the joints are always caused by the reduction of synovial fluid which will cause friction between the bones of the joints. This friction or contact between the bones causes so much pain and swelling. There is a situation of blows and wearing of the cartilage. All these factors make the joints to be in very bad shape. With this, we find a solution thanks to artrifin vitaminado .


Women under this condition{ pregnant or breastfeeding their babies}, should be very cautious about what they eat or drink. This is because all that they take into or on their body may affect the baby or fetus. It will be better if they consult their doctor before taking it although it won’t cause any harm if they do not have other pathologies. Sometimes it may increase the number of vitamins in the baby or fetus more than normal.


If you have this illness or pathology, it is better not to buy this product{artrifin vitaminado} over the counter or without a prescription. Tell your doctor about your condition and he will know if or not to prescribe this medicine to you. This is because artrifin also helps in metabolism hence making the body to have an increase in glucose and henceforth increasing the sugar level of the body. An increase in sugar levels in an uncontrol manner could cause more health problems.


Keep this medicine{ artrifin vitaminado } out of reach of children. Make sure you respect your daily dose and do not take a double dose if you miss the previous one. Do not give it to children less than 12 years or babies. Always be assured the capsules or tablets are stored under a temperature between 10 degrees and 30 degrees. Sun rays are dangerous for medications. so keep it away from sun rays and water. Do not take this medicine together with other forms of vitamins unless you have a prescription from your doctor. Adding this to other forms of the vitamin that contains the same ingredients may let to an overdose.

In case you notice strange symptoms or effects when taking this, call your doctor and stop taking it.


Artrifin vitaminado and  artribion vitaminado are all vitamins that have some similar functions but they are different products. They both treat joint pains and rheumatism. Never try to take the two products at the same time. Some doctors prefer to prescribe artrifin while others do prescribe artribion vitaminado. They both contain vitamin B1, vitamin B6, and vitamin B12.


Artrifin vitaminado is not a prescription drug. So you are free to buy it in an online pharmacy or physical pharmacy. We always have this product in stock and our prices are very competitive and low.  Our pharmacy makes sure you have your drugs in the shortest time possible by making sure the deliveries reach you in time.

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