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Before we explain to you how to buy kitoscell gel online, it is important to know that Kitoscell exists as a gel in its most common form.  This gel improves the appearance of the body surface or skin by removing or reducing abnormal scars and imperfections of the skin caused by infections, diseases, climate conditions, pregnancy, chemical agents, surgical wounds, burns, accidents, and the environment. Kitoscell gel gives a body a good and beautiful look and protects our skin from harsh climate and some diseases.

Imperfections or skin problems such as malesma{ this is a condition when the skin has brown or blue patches of freckle-like areas, sometimes we call it a pregnancy mask}, stretch marks, scarring, wrinkles.

When you take this product twice or three times daily for a duration of six you will have maximum satisfaction and very beautiful skin. Many videos on Instagram and youtube show the good deeds and how to use these products explicitly.


Kitoscell gel is made up of many ingredients which are ;

1} Polymer of cyclic acid { this is a molecule created from the repetition of small unite r subnits} that converts a liquid into a gel.

2} Diazolidinyl urea -icky.  This is an antimicrobial preservative that functions by creating formaldehyde in cosmetic or dermatological products. It is water-soluble and safe when the concentration is about 0.5%.

3 }  Triethanolamine. This is a very viscous organic compound that exists both as triol and a tertiary amine. A triol is a molecule that consists of three alcoholic groups. This ingredient is very safe for the skin and its concentration should maximum of 3 %.

4} Iodopropynyl butylcarbamate. This is a water-based preservative agent that is a derivative of the carbamate chemical family. This ingredient is safe for the skin when the concentration is less than 0.1 %.

5} This is an organic chemical compound that is an emulsifying agent or an emollient.

6} N-methyl pyrrolidine and pure water.


The main use of kitoscell gel is to treat the imperfections of the skin such as sunburn, scars, pregnancy mask, and many other skin problems that makes us look bad. This product gives us smooth and beautiful skin.


Most people buy kitoscell gel First, identify the area of the skin you want to apply the gel. Then clean the surface of that area of the skin well according to the doctor’s advice or use soap and clean water to clean the surface of your skin. After cleaning the area of the skin, take the kitoscell gel and put a good quantity on your finger, and rub gently on the affected area of the skin. Continue rubbing until all the gel penetrates into your skin through the pores of the body. Repeat these processes twice or three times a day depending on how severe the infection or imperfection is. The complete treatment can go for six months.

But after a few days or weeks, you start seeing the results of the treatment. Your skin will change to beautiful and smooth, the scars or burn, and other imperfections you are treating will start to disappear after a few days or weeks. It is strongly advisable to continue for at least six months.Kitoscell gel is made for adults both men and women . Pregnant and breastfeeding women can use it also.Incase of children and babies , you need to contact your doctor so that he tells you how to use it on them . This will depend on the baby or child health.

WHAT ARE THE DIFFERENT KINDS OF KITOSCELL ( buy kitoscell gel online)?

Kitoscell exists in many forms, that is as a tablet and as gel are the most common. Kitoscell as the gel has three forms which are kitoscell  gel  10g, kitoscell gel 30g, and kitoscell gel 90g. This gel type of kitoscell has the main function to treat problems of the skin as we earlier noted above.

It is strictly for external use this gel form of kitoscell. The other form is the kitoscell tablet which has the name of pirfenidone tablet or kitoscell-lp 600mg. pirfenidone is an antibiotic that is used in the treatment of pulmonary infection and liver fibrosis. These antibiotic is strictly prescription drug by the doctor. While for the kitoscell gel, you do not need a prescription to buy because it has very little or no side effects. Pirfenidone is a drug or tablet that is taken orally with much water and we strongly advise the patient to take the tablet to eat before consuming it.

KITOSCELL GEL VS MEDERMA (buy kitoscell gel online)

Kitoscell gel and Mederma are products that remove scars on our skin. Comparing the two products, we prefer kitoscell gel because of some reasons.

1} kitoscell gel is easy to get in pharmacies than Mederma.

2}  Kitoscell gel works faster or removes the scars faster than Mederma.

3} Kitoscell gel has very little or no side effects than Mederma.

4}  Many people are more allergic to Mederma than kitoscell gel and also kitoscel has a lower price than  Mederma.

5} Apart from scars, kitoscell gel also relief us or treats wrinkles, and many other imperfections of our skin while Mederma treats only scars.

6}  Another factor is that kitoscell gel treats many infections and imperfections of the skin while mederma on removes scars of the skin. Also, kitoscell gel has very little or no side effects and people are not allergic to it while mederma has more side effects. So this makes people prefer kitoscell gel to mederma.


Yes, kitoscell gel works or treats all types of skin imperfections such as stretch marks, scars, blemishes on the patient’s face, and many other imperfections. Due to its multi ingredients, it arranges your skin or face giving it a beautiful and healthy look.


Kitoscell gel is a product that is made for external use only. If after two months of consumption, you don’t notice any change in what you want to treat, then stop applying this product and contact your doctor. Keep kitoscell gel out of reach of children and store it under a temperature of 30degrees and above a temperature of 5 degrees. When applying it to your face, do not let it enter your eyes or mouth. Always remember to close the lid of the tube every time you open it to use. Do not exceed three times of usage of this product daily and use it for a period of six months maximum.


Kitoscell gel is a very common product and most people buy kitoscell gel online. every pharmacy both online and conventional has it. Our pharmacy always has it in stock and we sell it at a very competitive price and we make sure the delivery is don’t in the shortest time possible.


Before you apply kitoscell gel, always make sure you clean the area very well with soap and clean water. After doing these, apply the gel and do not go under the sun until the gel gets dry on your body.


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