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          What is vegalis 10mg?


First of all know that people buy vegalis 10mg tablet online because, vegalis  10mg is a very good sex drive enhancement, women use it for their sex drive. Vegalis 10mg will make you enjoy sex to the fullest. That is unpleasing sex will turn into a marvelous one.   In reality, about 50 % of women don’t experience that high sexual drive, taking a pill of vegalis 10mg will solve this female sexual unsatisfaction.

How to use Vegalis 10mg

Most dysfunction and sexual anxiety pills are prescription pills, which means that, when you want to use them, you have to have authorization and guide from your doctor or pharmacist. If you decide to use this vegalis 10mg more than what is on the guide, you will probably have some effects.  You should also be very careful not to take more than what the doctor ask you ( overdose ), and when using it, if you don’t understand anything on the prescription or guide, immediately inform the doctor for an explanation. If you have a problem with your health, let the doctor know, this will make him understand if the pill is good for you or what dose you can take for you not to encounter effects.

Vegalis lasts for about 36 hours in the body system, which means this medication can take you for a long period of time. You have to take vegalis 10mg 32 minutes before sexual intercourse, it helps stimulate your body for sexual pleasure. You can take vegalis 10mg with or without food.

Overdose of Vegalis 10mg

Overdose may occur when taking vegalis 10mg. Usually, people turn to take vegalis 10mg more than what the doctor requires. For this reason, an overdose may occur. In this situation, alert your doctor. Dependence on vegalis 10mg may lead to the following symptom.


-ventricular arrhythmia

-Cardiac arrest

Warning and precaution of vegalis 10mg

Vegalis 10mg and alcohol

It is not advisable to use vegalis with alcohol, for the proper functioning of the drugs, you have to take it without alcohol to enjoy 100% effectiveness. This will increase the side effects and the patient may have nausea confusion, dizziness. If you experience this situation, quickly report to the doctor for a solution.

Vegalis 10mg with food

Yes, you can take vegalis with food, but very important is not to take it with grep fruits because this highly affects the drug that causes toxic serum levels.

Vegalis with Pregnacy

During pregnancy, it is not recommended to use vegalis , if suffering from pulmonary arterial hypertension,  this will probably cause stroke and some other medical problems. This will not only effects the mother of the baby but also the baby as well. A lot of studies show that a pregnant woman should always control, the situation of her baby and let her womb and uterus be in good condition because this is the environment where her baby feeds.

Vegalis drug interaction.

Studies and research show that dug interaction is a problem in drug prescription. vegalis 10mg is not an exception . If you are taking vegalis , you have o make sure that you don’t take it with other drugs. In the situation where you are taking drugs like opioids or pain killers,  such as hydromorphone, codeine, fentanyl, Dilaudid, Vicodin, Lorcet, Kadian. Quickly let the doctor if you take these medications and also tell him about your past medical history.

Vegalis 10mg and Kidney Problem

People suffering from kidney problems should be given proper attention and a good dosage, if you are also having a renal problem, we recommend you to consult the doctor.

Vegalis 10mg vs Vegali 20mg

Before we move on and explain this comparison is very important for us to know what vegali 20mg is all about

What is Vegalis 20mg?

Vegalis20mg is a mediation that is good for the treatment of erectile dysfunction and impotency in men. This happens when a man has difficulties in having a penis rection and this situation is known as dysfunction, In this case, vegalis 20mg is good to take. In this situation, there is a decrease in blood flow which leads to a weak erection. Vegalis is not only good for erectile dysfunction but also good to treat symptoms of benign prostatic hyperplasia which may include constant urination.

Between vegalis 10 and vegalis 20 mg, there is not much difference, and also both tablets place the same function. Since they erection pills and prescription drugs, the doctor prescribes this to you considering your analyses and result.  So each of these is given from the result of your analyses.

Where can I buy vegalis online

A lot of pharmacies sell this drug but since is a prescription drug it is advisable to have a  prescription for vegalis so that you can get it in your nearby pharmacy. In most countries, you will not easily find vegalis because of its low supply in production. Nowadays, most people buy prescription drugs online without any approval from the doctor and this is The case with pharmacyopioids, where you can get prescription drugs without any approval from the doctor. What you will need to do is just to place an order, go to the order on the site basket and confirm your payment. The medication will be sent to your address which takes between 3 to 6 working days. For most people who want to have express shipping, you will need to contact the pharmacy on the chat.

What is the price of vegalis

The price of vegalis varies from pharmacies to pharmacies, from online stores to online stores, So the price may not be eact but will just give you an approximation, but  remember that the price of vegalis is not too different from the price of viagra 10mg, is 60usd a pack

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