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Cobra-120mg-buy-ideal is a medicine that treats sexual dysfunction or impotence in men. It is a sildenafil citrate medication{sildenafil citrate is a group or class of drugs called PDE { phosphodieterese} inhibitors which helps in the treatment of impotence in men. It comes in most cases in form of tablets and is reddish in color. The form and colors of this drug depend on the pharmaceutical company that made the production. There are five tablets of cobra 120mg on each pack.Cobra-120mg-buy-ideal is considered by many users the best drug for the treatment of impotence and erectile dysfunction in men.  Most men that use it testify about their high satisfaction during sexual activity. Cobra 120 mg is the most trusted and efficient drug for the treatment of sexual dysfunction and impotence in men.

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Cobra 120 mg is made from active and active ingredients. The main active ingredient or component of this drug is sildenafil citrate. There are also inactive ingredients that have no great effects on our body or influence our body.  Sildenafil is the main ingredient that acts on the male sexual organ.

How long doesit take forcobra 120 mg to work ?

When you take the correct dose of cobra 120 mg {sildanafil citrate}, it works or functions by dilating and increasing the blood vessels. The dilation of these blood vessels is especially the one at the make general organ. This increase in blood vessels will permit much blood to flow through them and thus enabling a perfect erection which is good for sexual activity. Cobra 120 mg has an effective treatment time of at least 5 to 6 hours. However, in some people, the erection lasts longer than six hours.


Cobra 120 mg { sildenafil citrate} is a pharmaceutical drug and before you take it, make sure you read the leaflet carefully or follow the instructions of your doctor or pharmacist. The wrong use of this medication can cause serious health problems for you. Normally, you should take one tablet of cobra 120 mg daily. This should be at least one hour before your expected time of sexual activity. We strongly advise you to take this drug with much water. You can take it before or after meals, but avoid fatty meals when taking this medicine. In most cases, the effects of the drug { cobra 120mg} are for a period of about six hours. Some men can experience the erection for more than six hours but this is in some rare cases. However, if the erection goes for more than ten hours then contact your doctor or pharmacist. Also, avoid consuming grapefruits or oranges when taking this drug because they can raise the amount of sildenafil in your body which can lead to an overdose.


Cobra 120 mg is generally a safe drug for most people who consume it. Though in some cases you may witness some common side effects. In very rare cases, people { men} will have serious side effects. The common side effects of cobra 120 mg always diminish with time or when you consume much water. So the common side effect does not cause any serious damage or health problem to our bodies. So the common side effects do not need medical concern { to contact a doctor or pharmacist} because the symptoms will go off shortly. However if these effects { symtomss} persist, then there is a need to contact your doctor.

common side effects

The common side effects of cobra 120 mg are; mild nausea and mild headache, blocked nose,   facial flushing and redness, sometimes dryness in the eyes {bluered vission}, stomach upset, muscle pain, back pain, stuffy or runny nose, and rashes. To remedy these symptoms, drink water and if they persist after several hours, then contact your doctor.

Severe or serious side effects

Serious or severe side effects also called uncommon side effects are effects that when you witness their symptoms, stop taking cobra 120 mg and contact your doctor immediately. They are effects that illustrate serious health concerns and necessitate stop taking the medicine until your doctor tells you to do so. These serious effects or uncommon effects are; prolonged erections longer than six hours. This phenomenon of longer erection than the expected time is called priapism.

We also have a loss of vision or severe decrease in vision, traces of blood in the urine or cloudy urine, audition problems{ severe decrease or even loss of hearing}, and tinnitus {tinnitus is a situation where a person gets sounds like ringing in his ears}, dizziness and neurological problems. If you witness any of these symptoms or effects, stop taking cobra 120mg { sildenafil citrate} immediately and contact your doctor.  However,  cases of these severe or serious side effects are very rare. That is why this drug is considered the best for the treatment of impotence and erectile dysfunction in men. More than 98 percent of consumers have total satisfaction without serious side effects.

Most often the common side effects of cobra 120mg { sildenafil citrate } often disappear without any medical attention. All you need to do is to drink a lot of water frequently and you will be fine. So this medicine{cobra 120 mg} is considered very safe for users.

Is Cobra-120mg-buy-ideal safe?

Just as with any other medicine, cobra 120 mg { sildenafil citrate } should be taken with a lot of caution and you need to follow the instruction of your doctor or read the leaflet carefully. Always make sure you take the correct dose of cobra 120 mg. Cobra 120 mg is very suitable for every man in good health. We strongly advise this drug for adults. Children or men below the age of 16 years should not take this medicine.

If you have or you are suffering from the following health problems, consult your doctor before you take cobra 120mg{sildenafil citrate}. These health concerns are ;

1- heart attack also called myocardial infarction and other related cardiovascular and heart diseases such as idiopathic hypertrophic subaortic stenosis diseases and many others. Even if you have treated this heart-related disease or problem, it should be at least six months. But we rather advise you to seek your doctor’s prescription on this.

2- Blood pressure-related problems or diseases such as hypotension and hypertension. You should know and make sure your blood pressure is good because this drug could cause damage if you take it without pro consultation if you have a related blood pressure problem. So consult your doctor before taking cobra 120 mg if you have these blood pressure issues.

3- If you are taking HIV AIDS  treatments, you should tell your doctor before taking this. Also if you have liver problems, kidney problems, stomach ulcers, or organ donors, you have to seek medical advice before consuming cobra 120 mg.


Make sure you store or keep cobra 120mg away from children. Do not take an overdose if you feel you do not have the perfect erection from taking the normal dose. In case of an overdose, seek medical assistance immediately and make sure you drink much water. Store this medicine {cobra 120mg } between a temperature of 15 degrees and 35 degrees Celsius. Keep it away from sun rays and water{humidity}. Do not drive after taking this drug because it causes dizziness in some people and you may cause an accident. Make sure you take cobra 120 mg when you are expecting to have sexual activity with your partner because you will have an erection for hours { six hours maximum }.

PRECAUTIONS Cobra-120mg-buy-ideal

Do not take alcohol and grapefruits when consuming this drug{cobra 120 mg}. A certain lifestyle like stress, smoking, and stress due to work or problems in life can affect your erection and thus hinders the function of this medicine. So we advise you to free yourself from stress and alcohol to have maximum satisfaction with the treatment due to this drug.

Take this drug once a day and with water. During sexual activity, if you feel pains in your chest, nausea, or dizziness, stop immediately and call your doctor. This happens in very rare cases but if you feel these symptoms during your sexual activity we advise you to stop and get medical attention.


Yes, you can take cobra 120 mg with other medicines or drugs like sanity fungal, antibiotics, and many others. This should be done with the strict prescription of a medical doctor or your doctor. From the pathogen{disease} you are suffering, he will know if it is good for you to combine cobra 120 mg with the other drugs you are taking without any harm to your health.


Cobra 120 mg is very common due to its high demand and its effectiveness. Online pharmacies and physical pharmacies have them. You can also check it on amazon. Our pharmacy has original drugs{ cobra 120 mg} and we offer very competitive prices as compared to others and we offer after-sales services. We also assure fast delivery to our clients. Cobra 120 mg is always available with us. You do not need a prescription to buy this medicine with us. But we advise you to read the leaflet carefully before taking this for your safety.


Cobra-120mg-buy-ideal is the most effective of the group of viagra generics for males. This is because it has very few side effects and its reaction is small. When you take it, you feel the effects 30 minutes after and the erection can last for up to six hours. This medicine functions by stimulating more blood flow to the male sexual organs blocking the enzyme responsible for the breakdown for about six hours. This is the perfect solution for men suffering from impotence and sexual dysfunction.




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