Pink pussycat pill sexual enhancement



Pink pussycat pill sexual enhancement


The Pink pussycat pill sexual enhancement is a female pill that acts as a sexual enhancer, increases female genital lubrification, makes the female genital organ pure, and increases sexual desires. When a woman takes the pill,  it may last for up to seventy-two hours.  these pills make you get more hungry for sex than before, it boosts your libido. this product is in a form of a capsule. Here are the ingredients that made up this pill. we have;  goji extract, Deng sen extract,atractylodes  , cinnamon bark, Cornus {dogwood} ,cuscuta{dodders} , dang GUI { female genseng} ,licorice ,cordy sinensis{caterpilar fungus}  ,Panax ginseng { Asian ginseng}.


To take these products the woman will take one pill with water and she will swallow. you should take these pills at least one hour before sexual activity. these permit the drug to go through your system and provide you with maximum effect. It is always better to follow the prescription of your doctor since we have different body systems.

How does Pink pussycat pill sexual enhancement works?

This pill when we take at least 30 minutes or one hour before expected sexual activity. It increases or enhances your sexual desire, lubricates your vagina, and increases your libido.

you should take a single pill with water {2 glasses of water if possible }. it increases blood flow in the female genital organ which makes your clitoris and vulva to be more sensitive. These will make you feel ready and in need of sexual activity.   during sexual activity,  the pill makes you have multiple orgasms and long or stronger orgasms.  There are many explicit videos on youtube and Instagram talking about this product. for example, the youtube video” simply peachy” of 31 march 2020 tells us more about this product. This is one video out of many others.


It helps so many people from sadness and loneliness. it has in some cases saved many marriages from breaking up.  As  we all know, having a healthy sex life helps us in the following:

i} lower blood pressure

ii}  better  immune system

iii} improve self-esteem

iv}  lower risk of heart disease

v} pain relief and better sleep,

so for women with low libido, taking the pink pussy cat pill will increase our envy for sex or increase our libido and hence gives us all these benefits of healthy sex life.


The FDA  { the food and drug administration }  considers Pink pussycat pills as food .so in normal circumstances, there is no harm for nursing mothers or pregnant women to take. how ever, it is very important to contact your doctor or health care provider to have the best advice on these for you because some people have some complications in their body system.


Pink pussycat pill just like many other pills is not advisable to take alongside alcohol because it will reduce considerably the efficiency of the pill and I’m some cases may cause some effects on our bodies. This product { pink pussycat pill}   as any other pharmaceutical product or medicine is best to take alongside the water.  the pink pussycat pill is taken with much water.


It is a pill for women or ladies above seventeen or eighteen years of age. these are the minimum years recommended for the consumption of this product and remember on one pill at a time and these should be done one hour before expected sexual activity. Also note that people suffering from diabetes, high blood pressure, people with a history of heart problems, women that are taking prescription medications, people who are taking nitrate medications, pregnant women, and women breastfeeding children should avoid these pills should contact their doctor before taking it. This is because it can worsen our health problems if we do not take advice from a health specialist or doctor, depending on what health problem we have. women or users of this product should keep it away from children and in dry places.

After taking these pills you discover that your libido doesn’t go up, or your baseline libido continues to drop after a few weeks, then do not take an overdose. contact your doctor immediately for the best advice.


When you take It you notice any negative feelings or any strange symptoms {adverse condition}, stop taking the pill immediately, and if the symptoms or feelings continue then contact your doctor. these cases are very rare where women have negative feelings and symptoms due to this product.  most of the time it occurs when these women suffer from some pathogens and some chronic diseases.

Where can you buy the Pink pussycat pill?

This pill primarily for females is available online like the online pharmacy and always available at the pharmacy store. 

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