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Before you know about pink pussycat reviews you have to understand that Pink pussycat is a medicine or pill that women take for sexual enhancement supplements or to improve their sexual arousal. This medicine is a form of viagra since it contains sildenafil as its main ingredient. Pink pussycats exist in many types,  depending on the color and flavor. These pills or capsules have the ability to make you feel awesome and take your sex life to a level you have never reached before. It is a wonderful remedy for women that have lost envy and happiness in their sexual life. Pink pussycat pills make you feel hungry for sex and give your maximum pleasure during sexual activity and also make you have frequent orgasms.


Pink pussycat has much importance among which the main are,

→  It increases libido by making the woman really feel hungry for sexual activity. Sometimes women have the urge for sex but due to stress or other circumstances, they lose their envy. Pink pussycat revive that envy and make you grow hunger for it .

→ Pink pussycat helps to lubricate your sex stool by making it wed and this pressure a lot of pleasure and makes sexual activity sweeter and lovable.

→ This medicine{sildenafil} or pink pussycat makes you have more, frequent and stronger orgasms. You will witness an orgasm you have never felt before when you take this pill or capsule.

→ Taking this pill will lead to an increase in blood flow in the blood vessels thus increasing the sensitivity of your vulva and clitoris. When your clitoris and vulva become more sensitive, this will increase sexual pleasure to its fullest.

In conclusion, pink pussycat is a pill that increases sexual desire, sexual enhancement, and increases sexual pleasure.It also increases lubrification which is important during sexual activity because it’s bad when the” thang ” get dry. When its dry or not well wed, the pleasure also reduces. So taking the pill gives you all the necessary elements to have a pleasant and honey sexual activity.


There are so many testimonies and reviews about this product from ladies who have used it. , There is a lady that took the pink pussycat pill 20 minutes before sexual activity time. That 20 minute was the time she expected her partner to come back from work. She says the 20 minutes was just as 2 hours because the reaction of the pill in her made her feel  hungry for sex that it was as if time was not moving again. She hated to wait that eagerly for a dick, but she took matters into her hands and was patient. When her husband came, she was still very much in the mood and the desire was at the top. He didn’t have time to do anything else and she helped him,  the pleasure during sexual activity was so high that she says she does not have words to describe it.



There are many different kinds or types of pink pussycat pills,  however, they contain the same main ingredients {sildenafil} and have almost the same function but with slight differences in the time of reaction and flavors or colors. Some pills may make some ladies have more lubrification than others and some pills may take a shorter period to make the desire for sex grow to its highest level than others in a woman. Other pills make your urge for sex grow in intensity as frequently as you take them, for example, the second may make you grow crazy during sexual activity than the first time.

1    Kangaroo pill

This a type of pink pussycat pill. The direction for use of this one is either half a pill or a full pill per day depending on the lady that wants to take it. If you want more reaction and a faster one, you can go in for a full pill a day. If you just want a little or normal urge for sex, you can go for half a pill. Taking 1/2 pill gives you more time to wait for your partner before going in for sexual activity. You can take it 2 hours before the expected sexual activity time. This dose makes your desire grow slowly and we advise you to start for the first day with 1/2 pill of the kangaroo pill. Because some ladies develop full pleasure after taking just 1/2 dose of this and you can get a full dose the next day. By the time you get a full pill the next day, you will get more lubrification and the desire will grow twice or even more than you had with the previous dose. Make sure the next day, you take the full pill 30 minutes before the sexual activity and not more than because the time will be very long if you take it an hour before.

How it works

When you take a full pill, as a woman who took it testified, 30 minutes later during sexual activity, she was so wet that she could not imagine it was normal. She was thinking maybe her menstrual cycle just had to start, no it was the result of lubrification due to the pill she took. Also, the pleasure was very high and intense. There is a lot of lip-biting and in a few minutes, she had an orgasm. She continue with sexual activity since the pleasure and desire were still there and she continue to have frequent and strong orgasms.

2  Kinky kitty pill

This is another type of pink pussycat pill or capsule. This one is a real stimulant more than others. We always advise you to take this pill with food or meal. Because you going to lose much energy during sexual activity due to the fact that it will be intense and long. And your orgasm will be stronger, longer, and more intense. Kinky kitty can keep your desire up for about 42 hours or even more. Do not exceed the dose recommended because just a single dose will make you have an intense orgasm , increase your pleasure during sexual activity to a maximum and give you the right lubrification. Kinky kitty is a pink pussycat pill that has very long-lasting effects on the body. You could take it, and your desire for sex still stays strong days after.


Sexual enhancement pills or pink pussycat pills are very common in online pharmacies or physical pharmacies. You will have many advantages buying with our pharmacy. These advantages are, we have a great variety of sexual enhancement products. This enhancement product {viagra }  for men and women. The woman could also order the male type for her partner if she wishes. We have various varieties of pink pussycats pills in our shop. This variety permits our users to get which one best suits them depending on what kind of pleasure or the degree of pleasure they want. Some ladies just have a lubrification problem and with this, we have a pill that lubricates more than others.

We also have very competitive prices and we assure fast delivery to our clients. Our clients also benefit from advice on how to use our products. There are always promotions and we always make a great reduction in prices for those who buy in great quantities.


Pink pussycat pills are enhancement pills for women only. Make sure you are 18 years and above before you take this product{it’s for adults only}. This product is for oral use only. We advise taking this with a meal, with water, and with little or no alcohol. If you need to take alcohol, make sure you take a reasonable quantity and do not get drunk. It may reduce the effects of the pill. Do not exceed a single dose daily. In case of an overdose, contact your doctor immediately. Make sure you do not take this medicine together with other forms of vitamins or enhancement products. This could lead to an overdose. Follow the prescription and if you have no prescription, read the instructions very well about the pill before you take it. Check on the expiry date and always store it in dry places out of sun rays.


This enhancement pill will change your sexual experience and will bring joy and happiness to your life. Pink pussy pills are made for women that have lost the desire and pleasure for sex. This pill makes them feel like they have never before. Women just as human beings are all different, so every woman has their own way to react or has their own experience with taking this pill. The good thing about pink pussycat pill is that there is a great variety of this and every one has its own way to to satisfy a woman’s problem.


There are about four different types of pink pussycat pills. We have pinky kitty pill, kangaroo pill, kitty kat pill, and pink pussycat pill. You can try all these four and finally, you will know which one suits you best. Do not try all these four different pills at the same time. You can take one type today, and after a few days when you take it again, try another, and so on til you use all four types. Then you will you which of them will be best for you.


A sexual enhancement product {pink pussycat, may cause side effects in some people. Though very rare, these side effects could be the result of multiple factors. First, you can have some side effects if you do not take the correct dose, that is you take more than the required dose. Also, you need to know if you are not allergic to any of its components or ingredients. Another cause of side effects could be due you may have a chronic disease or health problem. That is why it is very important to talk to your doctor or pharmacist if you are on medications or you have an illness. Because combining this product with other medicines can cause serious side effects that may be dangerous to your health.

Some side effects can be a headache, stomach ache, nausea, etc. In normal cases, they go off without medical attention. But if they persist, then call your doctor or your medical provider.


Yes, pregnant women or women breastfeeding can take. This should be with the prescription of their doctor. Women under this condition should respect the dose. If they feel any side effects, then they have to stop taking it and talk to their doctor. This instruction goes the same for women that are breastfeeding their babies.



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