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Tadaga { tadalafil } is a medication or drug that we use to cure or treat erectile dysfunction in men or impotence. Tadaga existed in many forms, for example, we have tadaga 2.5mg, tadaga 20mg, and tadaga 80 mg. These are all the same drugs but have different concentrations. They all save the same purpose. Tadaga also differs in milligrams because different pharmaceutical companies do their production and the various pharmaceutical companies vary their concentrations. Tadaga is maint for men and not for women and children. Only men above 18 years {adults} should take it. Tadaga 80mg will prolong a longer effect, that is you will have a longer correction when you take tadaga 80 mg than when you take Tadaga 40 mg. And Tadaga 40 mg will have a longer effect than Tadaga 20 mg and so on with Tadaga 2.5 mg. Tadaga 20mg just like all the other forms of Tadaga comes in the form of a tablet.


The main function or use of Tadaga 20mg is to treat impotence or erectile dysfunction in men. It also stimulates sexual anxiety. Tadaga 20mg when taken orally with water, it increases the blood flow to your penis which will make it get harder and ready for sexual activity. Sometimes, doctors recommend this drug or medicine to treat symptoms of enlarged prostate { an enlarged prostate is a situation where the prostate gland gradually becomes bigger as a man grows older. More than 70% of men above the age of 50 have this problem.}. This enlarged prostate is not cancer and it’s very frequent in men with age above 50 years.

Taking tadaga 20mg will help men treat these two measure problems. For the erection and impotence, the man will get harder and will have a prolonged sexual activity with the partner without getting weak.


Tadaga 20mg is a tablet or drug that we should take only with water just like other sex pills such as erectalis. and artribion vitamindo  Consum it orally with a great quantity of water so that it will ease the diffusion of the tablet and dissolves it for fast absorption in the body. It is best you take this tablet {tadaga 20mg} at least 40 minutes prior to sexual activity. This will permit the medicine to have an effect on your body and thus making you get the perfect erection you require. We strongly advise you to eat low-fat food and drink very little or no alcohol when taking this medicine. Fatty foods or food which contains a lot of fat reduces the endurance of a man. Tadalafil which is the main component of tadaga 20mg increases the amount of blood flow into the penis and making it very hard and ready for a good sexual activity.

Just like Cialis, Tadaga 20mg has a very long effect on our body. It can last for up to 36 hours.


This sex pill is a pharmaceutical medicine and just like all medicine, it can be very dangerous if we take it without control or if we have a certain severe health problem. We should always know our health condition and if we have certain health problems or chronic diseases, we should consult our doctor or pharmacist before taking this medicine. Some of these health problems are; heart attack, high or low blood pressure, bleeding disorder, peptic ulcer, and stroke. If you discover you are allergic to this medicine, do not take it. Avoid this drug if you are taking any form of nitroglycerine. A combination of tadaga 20mg and nitroglycerine can be very toxic and may cause serious health problems to the consumer.

Also, if you are not sure to have sexual intercourse in the next few minutes or few hours that will follow, then do not take it. Consuming Tadaga 20mg and not having sexual activity will put you in an uncomfortable state for at least 30 hours.


This medicine {Tadaga20mg }  is a prescription drug and you should read the leaflet and instructions very well before consumption. However, you should take only one tablet daily and it should be at least 30 minutes before expected sexual intercourse. There are many forms or kinds of Tadaga, depending on the concentrations of tadalafil. For examples Tadaga 80mg, Tadaga 20mg, Tadaga 40 mg, and many others.  If you notice your penis is not hardened enough or you don’t have the perfect erection after taking one tablet of this sex pill, do not add the dose. Because taking another tablet will lead to an overdose which is dangerous. If you don’t have the perfect erection, contact your doctor or pharmacist for better advice on what to do. In case of an overdose, call your doctor immediately. Always make sure it is a  full tablet you take and not a half tablet. This is because sometimes tablets of drugs can break in the case due to one reason or the other. So make sure you take a full tablet.


Always keep Tadaga 20mg or any medicine you have in your house out of reach of children. Store this medicine in a dry place preferably between a temperature of 15 and 30 degrees. Remove the tablet from the package only when you are sure of consuming it. Keep it away from sun raise.

This medicine does not treat STDs {sexually transmitted diseases} such as gonorrhea, syphilis, chlamydia, and others. So if your impotence is due to any of these diseases, better treat the diseases with the appropriate treatment or medicine that goes with it. Your doctor will better advise you on this.

Tadaga 20mg { Tadalafil} is  for adult men only . Women should not take this and children, not at the age of adulthood are not advised to take it either.


You can get this sex pill{ Tadaga 20mg} here in our online pharmacy.  Many physical pharmacies have this product too. All you need is your prescription and you will buy it. It is a very common drug because most men use it in daily cases.  Many men prefer this brand for the treatment of their erectile problem because of ut low side effects or very few negative effects. We in our pharmacy offer the best prices and fast delivery to our customers. Our prices are very competitive and we always make sure we have enough stock of our products. All this is to make our customers have maximum satisfaction with our products.

Just place your order and get delivered in the shortest time possible.


Tadaga 20mg has very little or no side effects. A greater percentage of men that take or consume this medicine do not have side effects . However, in some rare cases, you may have some common and severe side effects when you take this drug. The common side effects will not need any medical attention and may go away after a few hours or days. But if you notice severe side effects or prolonged side effects, stop taking this drug and contact your doctor immediately.

The common side effects are, headaches, and stomach upset.

severe side effects are diarrhea, nasal stuffiness, dizziness, and others. If any of the above symptoms persist then contact your doctor.  But these situations are very rare with this drug.

People who have heart diseases or any severe diseases should tell their doctor so that the doctor will know which type to prescribe for them.

Men above the age of 70 years should consult their doctor before buying this product.


Yes, it is possible to take Tadaga 20mg with antibiotics. This will depend on what type of antibiotics and more importantly you should tell your doctor because it can be very dangerous if you take it wrongly.

So any drug combination should be under the prescription of your doctor and the prescriptions should be followed strictly.


Pain killers like b tracet ex or anty inflammatory medicines such as paracetamol, ibuprofen, and many others can be taken simultaneously with tadaga20mg without any harm. Before you do these, inform your doctor or pharmacist so that he will know what dose of pain killer or any inflammatory drug or if you should avoid it depending on your health situation. These drugs or medicine will not have any effect on the tadaga 20mg you will take alongside them. When doing this, if you feel any discomfort or any strange signs, stop taking it and contact your doctor.


No this medicine {tadaga 20mg } does not affect the quality and quantity of your sperm. It only goes to increase the blood flow into the blood vessels of the penis thus making it harder than before and appropriate for sexual activity.

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