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Virogrip is a medication or drug that treats symptoms of common cold, flu, allergies, sneezing, congestion, and diseases of the lung or bronchioles such as bronchitis or sinusitis. Virogrip has different forms such as virogrip capsule or virogrip injections, virogrip syrup, and many others. This product is very efficient when the symptoms are at their early stage. When the symptoms of flu, cold, and allergies become severe after many days, taking this drug may not remedy the situation.

But at the early stage of the symptoms of this un comfort situation, virogrip is the best drug to get relief from these. When using or taking this drug, do not take it simultaneously with other cough medicine or flu medicine because they may have similar or the same ingredients. This product also exists in a form of tea. Virogrip tea is prepared with warm water and it is ready to drink. This medicine does not only relieve the symptoms, but it also provides healing and recovery.


Many ingredients make up virogrip. All these ingredients have very vital rules in the body or treatment of diseases or viruses. These ingredients are; Dextromethorphan,  Decongestants, Acetaminophen, Antihistamine.

1} Dextromethorphan; This ingredient of virogrip relieves or treats cough. It is a cough suppressant, it goes to the brain and affects the part that deals with the cough making it react by stoping or reducing the urge or anxiety to cough.

2} Acetaminothorphan; this ingredient reduces pain and fever which manifest themselves as a result of sneezing, cough. It is not a derivative of aspirin.

3} Antihistamine; this relieves or treats symptoms from runny nose, sneezing, watery eyes, itchy eyes.

4} Decongestant; this ingredient helps to relieve ear congestion symptoms and stuffy nose.

There are many other inactive ingredients that do not have a great effect or influence on the medicine.


Virogrip is best for the relief of early stages of stuffy nose, sneezing, breathing problems, cough, flu, and light pains related to cough. If you have the following symptoms, a few hours after taking virogrip you will get a relative calm and relief. In youtube,  Instagram, and other social networks, there are many videos on testimonies showing explicitly how to use this product and its benefits and how it has changed many people’s lives for good. making them regain and comfortable way to breathe and live.


Generally, most people do not have any side effects upon taking this drug, . However, some people can witness some slight effects that may not cause any damage to their health. these slight effects can be dizziness, blurred vision, constipation, nausea, stomach upset, dry mouth. These effects should go away in a few hours or in a maximum of two days. If they persist after the third day, then contact your doctor and tell him what you feel.

There are other serious effects that will need you to stop the consumption of virogrip and contact your doctor or pharmacist immediately. These effects are; mental mood changes like hallucination, irregular heartbeat, shaking. These effects are very dangerous and you should seek medical attention immediately.

If you have a very serious allergic reaction to this drug, then stop it immediately and seek medical attention or talk to your pharmacist.


Virogrip is a pharmaceutic product and you will need to follow strictly the prescription of your doctor if he is the person that gave you the prescription of this medicine. Depending on the form or type {syrup, capsule, or injection}  follow the dose strictly. You can take this medicine with or without taking food or eating but always remember to take it together with much fluid either water or milk. However, we strongly advise eating meals before taking this product. In case it is virogrip syrup, shake the bottle very well before measuring the quantity you want to consume.

We strongly advise using a measuring device and nit a spoon in case of virogrip syrup, these will permit you to have an accurate dose or measurement of your medicine.

The dose of virogrip depends on the age and the type of this drug, and the symptoms of the illness we wish to treat. You can get the exact dose you have to consume from your doctor or your doctor’s prescriptions. If you don’t have a prescription, then follow the notice kindly on the product.


Virogrip can be harmful if you take more than the dose you need to take. respect the dose on your prescription or on the leaflet. If you notice the time has passed for you to take virogrip, don’t take a double dose. Take your normal dose and continue on a regular time. But it is better to always remember the time you need to take your medicine. This permits your medicine to work efficiently. If you take an overdose, contact your doctor immediately or go to the hospital immediately. The dose of this medicine is based on your age, your capacity to respond to the drug. Do not increase the dose if you feel the symptoms do not reduce or go away.


Virogrip is commonly used by adults and children above twelve years. For children between 6 years and 12 years, it should be on a strict prescription of a doctor. Though in very rare cases, doctors do prescribe this product for children below six years. Remember to tell your doctor or pharmacist if you are allergic to any of the ingredients of virogrip or if you are allergic to any other product or medicine. Do not take this drug, syrup, or injection simultaneously or together with alcohol. If you have health problems or suffering from diseases such as liver disease, asthma, kidney problems, high blood pressure, ulcers, intestinal problems,  severe prostate, and many other diseases, tell your pharmacist or doctor. He may modify your dose due to your health problems.

Some brands of these virogrip contain sugar and alcohol, so if you are suffering from diabetes tell your doctor so as he knows what brand and what dose to prescript to you.


Keep virogrip out of reach of children and better store it in a dry place. Favorable temperatures for storage are between 10degrees and 30 degrees. For the syrup, always shake the bottle well before using it. When you open the bottle, remember to close each time you use or remove the quantity you want to consume. For the injection, let it be done by a health professional or a nurse. Stop taking virogrip and contact your doctor if you have undesirable symptoms while taking it. Do not give to babies or children below six years without prior consultation of a doctor.


Virogrip is safe for pregnant women, especially at their early stages of pregnancy. Women in this condition can take it without any side effects on their health or their baby or fetus. However, they should contact their doctor if there is any sign or symptom that evolves, and also if they are at their last stage of pregnancy, they should better sick medical advice from their doctor or pharmacist before taking it.

For women breastfeeding their babies, they should take this product only under the prescription of their doctor or pharmacist because ingredients of this medicine can go to the breast milk and the baby will consume it. But however, the ingredient of virogrip are safe for babies. You need to consult your doctor so that he can modify your dose if need be.

Women under these conditions should tell their doctor or pharmacist if they feel any changes either positive or negative.


Virogrip is very common and most pharmacies have it always. We always have it in stock at a very low price as compared to other sales points or pharmacies. Amazone, patty mart, and many other online pharmacies have them. We assure fast delivery of your product and after-sales services like assisting and advising you on the product.


Taking virogrip at night gives an additional advantage because it gives more protection from bothersome symptoms such as sneezing, coughing, and congestion.


Virogrip tea same as other types of virogrip , that is they have the same effects on the body. the difference is that as others are in a form of injection, capsules, and syrup, this one is in a form of tea and we take it as we take our tea or coffee. Though it is in a form of tea, we should respect the dose and the time we take it. For people who don’t like taking drugs in generic form or syrups or injection, this tea type of virogrip is best for them. The mode of preparation is the same as we prepare normal tea just that the ingredient is virogrip and warm water. This tea type or form of virogrip has different flavors and you can choose which one to take according to your taste of flavors.


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